Cuba Report #3: Hiring the Team

The balance of my week was largely devoted to meeting and hiring the rest of the creative team. And here they are:

Mario (Mayito) Oliva, Local Producer: Young, put-together, focused and professional. I have worked with a lot of production managers over the years in the film business. I can read the personality of someone who’s qualified, hard working, and pleasant to be with. This is the guy.

Maykel Paez, Set Designer: A graduate of ISA (the art schools, focus of the opera), Maykel has designed sets for opera, film and theatre. On top of that, he does fine art that is wonderfully surreal. Such as these below.

FORMA Y CONTENIDO 130x 100 de la serie De Islas y su Peso. Acrilico sobre lienso 130x 100cm _resized









Manolo Garriga, Lighting Designer: I was told by many people, in Havana and in the States, that Manolo is the top lighting designer in all of Cuba. He has toured the world with shows originating from Cuba. Here is a link to his work. He already has some fantastic ideas for lighting that will feature the School of Plastic Arts and its architecture in the sets.

Susana Pous, Choreographer: Susana brings both international and Cuban sensibilities to the project. You can read an interview with Susana, and see some images of her work, here. She will design dance sequences within the opera, and also work with Director Charles Chemin to stylize movements of the singers and chorus throughout the work.

I am blessed to have such a talented group of artists bringing the opera to life in collaboration with our maestro, Roberto Valera, and stage director Charles Chemin.

Windows from my window,

Windows from my window,


Office at the Centro Wilfredo Lam — also HQ of the Havana Bienal.

Office at the Centro Wilfredo Lam — also HQ of the Havana Bienal.


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