Listen to seven-minutes of highlights from the live performance recorded in Havana, Cuba on May 21, 2015.

1. Ricardo Porro (Bryan Lopez) returns from Paris. He declares his love for Cuba and his desire to design beautiful and revolutionary work. (1:34)

2. Eleggua (Marcos Lima), the Santeria deity of fate and luck, announces a rumba, which becomes a chant (chorus) in support of the revolution. (:40)

3. Selma Diaz (Laura Ulloa) informs Porro he is in danger from the Batista regime and should leave the country. (1:03)

4. Oshun (Yilam Sartorio), the Santeria deity of love, art, and water, informs Porro the revolution succeeded in Cuba, and he should return home. (1:23)

5. Eleggua warns Porro to watch out, some things are forbidden. (:37)

6. Fidel (Roger Quintana) and Che (Jose Verdera) play golf. Fidel commissions art schools to be built on the course. They need an architect. (1:40)

7. In the finale the community assures Porro that dreams of art and love, ever unfinished, live on. (:13)

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