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  1. I was just visiting Cuba for the Bienal de Habana 2015. Unfortunately I missed the Opera Cubanacan so I am anxious to see if there is a Viideo available. What an amazing story!

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, there is video. Just posted an excerpt on the front page of this blog, and on the Video page.

  2. I’m planning my first visit to Cuba in April 2016. One of my major objectives is to make a visit to what is now ISA. I’ve read John Loomis’ book “Revolution of Forms” and viewed Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray’s film “Unfinished Spaces,” both of which evoked an intense desire to see the architecture first-hand. Your opera, “Cubanacan,” is of great interest to me as well. Are there any performances of the opera scheduled in Havana next April, perchance?

    • No future performances in Havana at this time. All energy is now on getting the opera produced in the U.S., Europe, and China. Advice on visiting ISA: you’ll need to be on an approved group tour, or have permission from ISA in advance. They are very sensitive about visitors just walking in. Have a great trip!

      • Thank you, Charles. I appreciate your advice. I hope Seattle Opera will express interest in presenting your opera here. Aidan Lang, General Director of the Seattle Opera, seems open to presenting new work was well as the classics. I’ll hold good thoughts that I’ll be able to see you work here in the near future.

  3. Hello Charles. I saw your magnificent production the night it rained, Monday, and we stayed through the rain, transfixed. Not up on opera, I found the evening transformative, introducing me to new art. A visual artist, I loved the staging among the brick domes, brilliant costuming, the lush surroundings that located the narrative which was precisely of that place. What a wonderful idea. The next day our group of US american artists, curators, art-lovers down for the Bienal were taken through the campus, into studios & galleries where we met with young practitioners. Our entrance to the school was walking across the front of the stage to the back–open to the campus–especially magical for having witnessed the night-lit stage as audience. I’d read the NY Times article then learned that day that we’d be seeing the production. Thrilling. Glad to know about your film of Cubanacan the opera. People need to see this stirring work.

    • Thanks Jane for your kind words. Glad you were there for the performance! Too bad we didn’t meet. I will shortly be updating this site with news about plans for where else the opera will be performed in the future.

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