Return to Havana

I leave for Havana this coming Thursday, for a week. I will meet with Jorge Fernandez, Director of the Havana Biennale, to plan details for the May performance. I will meet a theatre director who is interested in directing the opera. Composer Roberto Valera and I will review the piano/vocal score, which is nearly done. And I’ll spend time with Music Director Zenaida Romeu to begin identifying players, singers, and other members of the creative team.

Stay tuned for updates from Cuba.


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  1. Hello,

    I came across your Cuban opera project through the Miami Light Project’s website. Would you consider casting the opera with singers strictly from Cuba or would you consider making it available to Cuban performers that reside outside the island as well? There’s a fairly large movement of classically trained Cuban vocal performers who would embrace the opportunity of cultural exchange.

    Best Regards,

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