First Week of Production in Havana

I have been in Havana for a week. The performers, orchestra and chorus have been rehearsing diligently.


First day of lighting installation, front of School of Plastic Arts.

Director Charles Chemin is working wonders with creative concepts to present the work outdoors, site-specific, at the Art Schools. This will be a very special, one-of-a-kind production. It supports the story and the music, and takes both to a higher level of imagination and dramatic power.

Robin Chemin is preparing amazing costumes. She began working on them in Paris, her home, and is finishing them onsite.


Wardrobe designer, Robin Chemin.

The stage is built, the lights are in, wardrobe is being sewn, sets are arriving from the shop — it’s all coming together for opening night May 21.


A fearless electrician hangs lights.






Getting things done in Cuba with proper materials in a timely manner is a challenge. Our team comes with terrific talent — problem-solvers who make things happen.



2 thoughts on “First Week of Production in Havana

  1. I read Michael Cooper’s article in the New York Times and searched for background information online. Enjoyed reading your posts (which mentioned no hardships!). Having visited Cuba for 2+ weeks in January 2014, I can only imagine what you and your team must have overcome in putting this production together, and I hope the work will be seen in NYC in the not too distant future. In Havana, our group attended a rehearsal of the Mal Pas Dance Company (supported by the Ludwig Foundation), and I was thrilled to see the troupe perform at the Joyce Theater in May 2014 and again this year.

    • Thanks Ursula. Yes, there were difficulties. I hope to publish an article soon that will delve into the process of making an opera in Cuba… in seven weeks! I am working hard to get Cubanacan produced in New York, Seattle, LA and Europe. Stay tuned.

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