Airbnb Helps Underwrite Opera

I am happy to announce that Airbnb, the online service connecting hosts with travelers worldwide, is supporting the Cubanacan opera production next month in Havana.

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As you may have heard, Airbnb is one of the first U.S.-based companies to begin operating in Cuba following President Obama’s dramatic announcement opening up relations between the two countries on December 17, 2014.

You can read about Airbnb’s launch in Cuba here and here.

As it happened I was in Havana when the announcement was made. Several friends said they saw the news on Cuban TV.

Legal and licensed casa particulares have been a convenient, affordable alternative in to hotels for many years. Now it will be even easier to locate them, and make reservations and payments.

Airbnb has a long-standing commitment to the arts and to design. Our partnership came together quickly and easily. The timing between their bold new move and the opera opening could not have been better. I am excited to have Airbnb as a partner for the opera premiere at the 2015 Havana Bienal.

I depart in a few days for Havana to continue preparations for the opera performances. I plan to post updates as they happen.


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